Why is it important for your business to show on the first page of Google?


Have you visited the second page of google results lately?

Most likely, it has been ages since that happened.

When it comes to SERP, search engine results pages, showing on the first page is the best thing that can happen to you. why so? Well, most people never bother to look for anything further than the first page. So when it comes to promoting your business, google ranking matters, and it matters a lot.

How will Google ranking influence your business?

With the development of technology and the relation that people are creating with the internet, that it as intense as it gets, people do nothing without googling it first. So, you can see for yourself how that can affect your business. Usually when people do not see what they are looking for on the first page of Google, they do not loose time by looking at the next, instead they change the way they phrased it and wait for the desired results to show in the first page, right in front of their eyes.

There are many benefits to having your business show on the first page of google, you will find a few of them listed below:

More customers

Google only shows ten results in the first page, so when your business shows up in the first page it is sending out a message that your business has made it to the top ten businesses.

This will attract so many more costumers to your business in a very short period of time. When you know where to introduce yourself it means that your road to the top will be easier and faster.


It is a common fact that people make a step back when for some reason they feel like they cannot trust you just as well as they approach you without any doubts when they like what they see and what they perceive of your business. Google ranking will allow you to be seen as a serious business who has made its way to the top since it appears on the first page and this will draw clients to you.

Positive image

What is more important than image when it comes to business? Well to be as truthful as it gets, not much.

It is not easy to be on the top searches since the internet comes with a lot of ordeals.

A positive image will make you raise in the eyes of your future costumers. Once you take your time to focus on the right things and become tough competition your business will grow minute by minute giving you the so much anticipated success.

Online visibility

Most people do conduct research before they make any purchases these days. In their search they come across reviews and ratings as well as maps and descriptions. When they do not find your website at the top they will not bother to look further, so they either choose something else or change what they typed to get better results. Bottom line is, that being invisible in the online world will most likely make your business loose time and potential customers and in business they both are translated into money. So, no online visibility all in all means, less profits.

More about us

As a businessman or businesswoman, you have a lot on your plate without having to bother with the digital marketing and all that it stands for. Your time is precious and so is your business. This is why the best solution for you is to count on a company that can provide personalized services that are perfectly compatible with your business and can help taking it to the next level.

Our company uses advanced technologies and focuses on every need that your website has. From building it to making it reach the top.

We are Google partner and have connections with prestigious companies in the UK, Italy and even Switzerland.

We offer professional services that are carried out by a team that works passionately and pay close attention to each detail so that the end product is nothing else but perfect.

Do not hesitate to contact us and learn more about us. We are available at all times.

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web:in development house

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